Numerology and Yantras

Numerology is wonderful science used to tell future of human surviving on planet earth. Use of this science incresed from past ten to fifteen years. Working related on attributes of numbers from one to nine as all has date of birt in one or two digit. The two digit date of birth is reduced in one digit.

Like date of birth is 22 in two digit can be converted in one digit 2+2=4 so attributes of 4 will work with him/her.

While working in numerology one digit date of birth or reduced date of birth is called BASIC NUMBER and on basis of it predictions are done like this—

Person of basic number will be bold, think like king, egoistic, strict,  decipline, leader , quick decesion maker. Person having basic number two will sesitive, unstable ideas, confused, having cough and cold, low immunity.
Person having basic number three will be intelligent, knowledgeable, religious and seeker of knowledge. Like this basic number four denotes good planer of ideas, planining to execute ideas, confused, decipline liking and fond of cleaning.

Basic number five denote good communications,accounts,romantic,changes and mood swings, Basic number six denotes luxurious life,good care of family, good friends, paty places and good clothes. Basic number seven say spirtuality, reserch, good intuitions and cuts on body etc, basic number eight says hard working,justice,hurdles,good logics,honesty and obstacles. Basic number nine says about quick decesion, bold, help to needy, support to logics, aggression etc
Basic number decides nature of human ,this science can help to balance all numbers by yantras of numbers which give MIRACULOUS results.

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