Happy Birthday

13 May 2024 : Today Birthday

13 May 2024. Happy Birthday! Today 13 May, has Birthday. The Ruling number is 4.

People Who born on 13 of May Month, This is considered an unlucky number for many sudden events which change the course of their life drastically.They are honest, straightforward and hard working which brings them success but there are a lot of hindrances. Circumstances bog these people down but they manage to collect themselves and keep going.

Number 4 is ruled by Rahu. They are masters of unconventional ways of thinking and different from what the others possess and they have the power to bring out social reforms in the society. They are strongly opinionated people and do not bother much about what people would think of them. Egocentric ,unpredictable, greedy ,desires driven, non conforming and difficult to comprehend are the kind of traits these people possess .

They are true workaholics with A lot of things going on in their head and have excellent organisational skills. They are very rigid and stubbornWhich can turn their friends into few. They have a narrow mind set and believe in traditions . they would have a lot of people around them but would confide only in a few. scriptures, philosophy and religion interests them a lot .

They have a love for art and love to buy all beautiful things. Number 4 has the ability to bring about unexpected situations in life but handle the situations better than any other number. These people will get involved in something when they are sure of the victory. they can go to extent in the Quest of knowledge and are always well- informed and updated. They can do very well in fields of research.

For example:- Shane Warne, Anil Ambani, Amit Shah, Prakash Mehra etc.

Diseases prone to

they can face undiagnosable Diseases. They suffer from headaches and backaches . They have a comparatively weak digestive system. In order to stay healthy these people must practise some sort of physical exercise or yoga.They are also prone to autoimmune disorders. They are also inclined to trauma , diseases of the urinary tract and mental disturbance.


These people fall in love very quickly and also fall out of love that quickly. These people get drawn to people who are very different from them, even eccentric in some way. There remain tensions on the family front.such people are more likely to move away from their family.

Lucky dates – 1,10,19,28,4,13,22, 31,9,18 and 27 are all favourable.

Unlucky dates – 8,17,26 ,7 and 16 are unlucky.

Lucky metal – Punch Dhatu

Lucky gemstone – Hessonite or Gomed

Lucky direction – South- West

Rahu Mantra – ॐ रां राहवे नम:।

Lifetime suggestions

Check- keep water taps, helmets, old coins, bamboo, and clocks in good condition.
Remedies- keep some jau grains with you in brown cloth.keep some jau grains in black cloth and hang in the south west zone of the house. Worship Lord shiva and Maa Saraswati. Help very old people.

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