These are about SEVEN CHAKRA in the human body which provide positive energy to the different parts of body. So to keep open to these CHAKRAS AROMA THERAPY is very very essential.

Name of the seven Chakras are as under:-

  • BASE CHAKRA    ( Dealing with material word ) 
  • SACRAL CHAKRA    ( Dealing with enjoyment of life, creation and pleasure )
  • SOLAR CHAKRA    ( Dealing with making connection with others )
  • HEART CHAKRA    ( Dealing with unconditioned love, forgivness and compassion )
  • THROAT CHAKRA    ( dealing with thoughtful meaningful, communication and self expression )
  • THIRD EYE CHAKRA    ( Dealing with intuition wisdom and focus )
  • CROWN CHAKRA    ( Dealing with awaken the Chakra )

Different kind Aroma oil are prescribed to keep all the Chakras Active by our expert team.


  • In KITCHEN, BATHROOM to remove negativity different  oils of Aroma therapy are prescribed.
  • To improve relation of HUSBAND & WIFE different oils of Aroma therapy are used.
  • To improve Vastu Dosha in different direction of your SWEET HOME different oil of Aroma therapy are used.
  • These oils are prescribed by our expert team for removal of many kind of problems