Happy Birthday

21 May 2024 : Today Birthday

21 May 2024. Happy Birthday! Today 21 May, has Birthday. The Ruling number is 3.

People Who born on 21 of May Month, These people are dreamy people but with the support of the sun they are able to live up to their dreams. with a proper focus and direction in life, these people can be big achievers . These people are better as friends then as a spouse because then their suspicious nature creeps in. They have excellent communication skills and can make good journalists.

Number 3 is ruled by Jupiter. Number 3 people are highly ambitious and have strong will power. patriotic and willing to serve and sacrifice their lives for others. Heading big organizations, educationists are the kind of people born under 3. Search people are highly upbeat about life giving souls, always surrounded by people not only because of their charismatic personality but also because they Pay heed to others’ issues and are always keen to help. These people are religious and follow their rituals very diligently.

Family honor and pride is of utmost importance to them and they would not do anything to bring disrepute to anyone . They are l loyal partners and expressive to the core. They believe communication is the key to finding answers to or resolving issues in life.They have a good social circle as they are good listeners and dependable.

The biggest challenge for the number 3 is to recognise this, to learn that the real beauty of life is found not in our possessions or illusions, but rather is hidden inside our fellow human beings. after all it is being human that allows us the potential to experience what has been called the impossible achievement to enter the realm where the mortal and the immortal meet .

If the 3 can ever defy the odds to achieve this rate and amazing state of being, the fact that it has had to travel so far to reach such a height make this number uniquely qualified to guide and help others reach the same goal.

For example:- Khushdeep Bansal, Paresh Rawal, Raghuram Rajan, Sundar Pichai etc.

Disease prone to

Obesity, liver related issues, skin related issues like eczema, scabies or even minor issues like wounds or rashes will take time to feel, jaundice and paralysis.


These people are kind hearted, honest in their relationship and believe in communicating their issues to have a healthy love life. They hold their partner in great respect .They respect day elders . Family is extremely important to them; they would not do anything to soil their family pride.The only problem is that since they are so involved in the welfare of people that they would spend less time with their family and loved ones.

Lucky dates – 3, 12, 21, 30, 9, 18 and 27 are all favorable .

Unlucky dates – 6,15 and 24 are unlucky.

Lucky metal – gold

Lucky gemstone – yellow sapphire.

Lucky direction – North- East

Brihaspati Mantra – ॐ बृं बृहस्पतये नमः||

Lifetime suggestions

Check- Keep books , God photos and Guru photos in good condition.
Remedies- keep small silver elephants with you. Donate bananas every Thursday and take blessings from your teacher or mentor from time to time . Use haldi tilak daily.

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