Happy Birthday

24 May 2024 : Today Birthday

24 May 2024. Happy Birthday! Today 24 May, has Birthday. The Ruling number is 6.

People Who born on 24 of May Month, These people are financially most successful out of 6:15 and 24. responsible and devoted to family is what makes 24. love and companionship are very important to them even if it requires sacrificing they wouldn’t hesitate. They are inclined to art and beauty . They get a lot of support from people of the opposite sex. Material comfort and luxury is what they love. They are influential speakers. They can do well in the field of dramatics, theatre and music. They have rich tastes.

Number 6 is ruled by Venus. People with a number 6 are caring and nurturing . These people enjoy a life of pleasure and luxury. 6 is the number of harmonies . These people have a very sacrificial nature like that of a mother so they usually get intrusive and middle with people’s affairs, out of concern which doesn’t go down well with people.

They have the ability to charm people. They get attracted to beautiful things like poetry, arts, music and natureStop they are very attached to the material aspects of life. They are a good looking bunch of people who have a certain draw towards themselves.They keep interest in doing up their house. They have a love for fashion and jewellery. Love, affection and compassion are their traits .

They are highly skilful when it comes to things of art. they will have a big social circle. Monetary gains would be plentiful and they will never have to depend on anyone for anything. Life will be more or less satisfying without dearth of anything.

The 6 is sympathetic, favours the underdog ,and has a keen sense of what is fair and just. Perceiving injustice , the 6 will sacrifice immense time and effort to set things. highly responsible, the six can be counted on to show up and do more than its fair share of the work. People with the 6 can be demanding but they will work in the background when needed , without an expectation of reward.

Example: Sachin Tendulkar, Jaspreet bumrah, Sania Mirza, Lionel Messi, Gautam Adani etc.

Diseases prone to

The throat, kidney, reproductive organs , neck and cheeks come under Venus. They can have problems related to improper circulation of blood. Women under 6 can face problems during childbirth. They have higher chances of contracting STDs.


They love being in love. They enjoy harmonious relationships with friends and family. They have a big social circle and enjoy being around people. life at home and with the spouse would be excellent terms. They would do the best they could for their better life. They would get attracted to charming and beautiful people.

Lucky dates – 6, 15, 9, 18, 24 and 27 are all favourable.

Unlucky dates – 3 ,12 ,21 and 30 are unlucky.

Lucky metal – Silver and Platinum

Lucky gemstone – Diamond

Lucky direction – south- east

Shukra Mantra – ‘ॐ शुं शुक्राय नम:। ‘

Lifetime suggestions

Check- keep perfume bottles, jewellery and life partner in good condition.
Remedies- Perfume daily and keep perfume bottles in the SE zone of your house. Give white food to poor people on Friday.

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