Happy Birthday

9 June 2024 : Today Birthday

9 June 2024. Happy Birthday! Today 9 June, has Birthday. The Ruling number is 9.

People Who born on 9 of June Month, These people are very aggressive, ambitious and have the power to do extraordinary tasks on humanitarian grounds; they will come forward and willingly help the masses. They will be reckless in terms of their behaviour. Competition does not stand a chance in front of them. They will be successful.

Number 9 is ruled by Mars. These people are compassionate, have a strong will power and are courageous. These people have high levels of energy and are constantly on the go, always doing something or the other and strive for perfection in almost everything they do. They have high demands not only from themselves but also from the people around them.

Their nature is best described by the shape of the number; they are a reservoir of resources and believe it in disbursing to the needy or less privileged. They are the most aggressive of all the numbers and many resorts to bloodshed or physical means to get their work done. These people try to make the best of the opportunities coming their way.

Risk-taking is a way of life for them. They can handle a situation by any means be it diplomatically, or unethical means or argumentatively. A proper way to channelize their excessive energy is to put them in professions like the army, police, etc. They have the grit to struggle and succeed, gaining all that they want in life.

Nothing can deter them from their path except themselves. They just need to maintain mental balance and nothing can come in their way to success. Example – kiran Bedi, Akshay Kumar, Yash Chopra, Shashi Tharoor, Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi, Rajat Sharma, etc.

Disease Prone to

This number rules over blood, bone marrow, head and the genitals. They can have digestive system troubles like acidity due to the presence of excessive fire elements. They are prone to surgeries and also problems like piles, blood clots and ulcers. They need to be careful of fire accidents.


They have mars energy so they should marry a person with more or less same energy for a happy and successful married life. They will be of immense help in times of need so these people will have many friends. When it comes to spending money on friends and family, they would spend without a second thought. They would want to do something for the benefit of their community or country.

Lucky Dates – 9, 18, 27, 5, 14, 23, 6, 15, 25, 1 and 10 are all favourable.

Unlucky Dates – 2,11, 20 and 29 are unlucky.

Lucky metal – copper

Lucky Gemstone – Red coral

Lucky direction – south

Mangal Mantra – “ॐ अं अंगारकाय नमः”

Lifetime suggestion

Check- Keep the kitchen clean and all kinds of scissors hammer in good condition.

Remedies- Tie red molly on Tuesday from your sibling or Hanuman temple. donate masoor dal every Tuesday in Hanuman temple or poor people. Donate medicine to people or in NGO. Do not eat non-veg and alcohol on Tuesday.

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