Horoscope and First House/Lagna/Asendent

Life is full with tensions and problems of many survivals on this planet earth and can be made easy with help of astrology science consultation. Horoscope/janampatri is miror of life of every individual person,only good/learned astrologer can through light on it after study of nine planets,twelve houses and twelve zodiac signs and their position in horoscope. Little hint to make the life easy after reading first house marked in circle in figure of horoscope is like this —-
By reading only the first house of the horoscope we can improve our life. The First house is like ENGINE OF TRAIN OF OUR LIFE, strength of this engine of life train can be improved to make it strong by use of yantra this i am going to tell .Any person can read and decide which yantra he can use to get tremodous results in his life.please read procedure as under

  1. See the first house marked in circle in figure of horoscope
  2. There can be any any number one(1) to twelve(12) in it can be 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12.
  3. Please note down this number and see the lord of this number from table of lordship of sign.
  4. The lord of your lagna will be some planet ,it can be sun,moon,mars, mercury , Jupiter,venus and saturn.
  5. See the planet who is lord of your LAGNA/ASENDENT.
  6. Strength of your engine of life can be improved by wearing yantra of that planet as remedy of astrology .
One (1) or Eight (8)Mars (मंगल)wear Yantra of Mars (मंगल)
Two (2) or Seven (7)Venus (शुक्र)wear Yantra of Venus (शुक्र)
Three (3) or Six (6)Mercury (बुध)wear Yantra of Mercury (बुध)
Four (4)Moon (चंद्र)wear Yantra of Moon (चंद्र)
Five (5)Sun (सूर्य)wear Yantra of Sun (सूर्य)
Nine (9) or Twelve (12)Jupiter (बृहस्पति)wear Yantra of Jupiter (बृहस्पति)
Ten (10) or Eleven (11)Saturn (शनि)wear Yantra of Saturn (शनि)


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