Medical Numerology and Health Yantra

Medical numerology is wonderful science in which the health of any person can be assessed by only the date of birth, many numbers like one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight & nine represent the nine planets of the zodiac. Malefic planets pertaining to numbers four, eight, nine, and seven are much responsible for dangerous diseases […]



Horoscope and First House/Lagna/Asendent

Life is full with tensions and problems of many survivals on this planet earth and can be made easy with help of astrology science consultation. Horoscope/janampatri is miror of life of every individual person,only good/learned astrologer can through light on it after study of nine planets,twelve houses and twelve zodiac signs and their position in horoscope. Little[…]



Astrology and Yantras

Astrology deals with planets . This is very old science given by old saints/rishis as gift to this world. Life can be improved by use of astrology and planet YANTRAS ,if there is problem there is solution and problem can be guessed by using astrology consultation. Horoscope is drawn in this science on the basis of DATE,[…]